Cold Weather Accessories for Kids

Toasty tots…

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Whether your family is headed to the snowy mountains for a winter vacation (it’s ski season, afterall!) or school is cancelled where you live due to a blizzard, bundling up your kids for the cold doesn’t have to be a hassle. The trick is finding fun-to-wear accessories that they’ll actually want to put on. That way, they can play in the chilly outdoors while you enjoy the comfort of knowing they’re warm and safe – and hopefully runny-nose free. Here are our top cold weather kids’ accessories that will satisfy even the pickiest dressers.


On windy days, earmuffs are a must-have for keeping your ears toasty. It’s best to opt for earmuffs in practical colors such as black, beige, or grey which are easier to coordinate with the jumble of winter items they already have. You don’t want them looking like a chaotic rainbow of miscellaneous accessories – train them with good style early, folks!


Scarves are a staple for every outdoorsy kid. There are endless colors and patterns to choose from. Plaid, stripes, ombré, and grey blends are all popular looks this season. Remember, they’ll be less fussy about wearing the scarf if they enjoy wearing it, so find something you can both feel good about.


Unless you’ve got an expert knitter in the family, you’ll want to find a quality pair of mittens for the young ones. Not only do they protect your child’s hands from getting cold, they can also look super adorable with their winter coat. The best materials are leather or wool, allowing them to roll around and play worry-free in the snow.


From the bunny slopes to the backyard, a child’s head should always be protected from the cold – and fashionably, of course. There are a lush variety of styles to choose from, depending on your child’s personal preference. The toque is a classic option that’ll always be trendy no matter what. Yet, if your child is a little fashionista, winter baseball caps are huge this season. Available in suede and velvet, these hats make a cool statement wherever they go. If your child is on the quirkier side, get them something fun to wear like a hat with animal ears or one with a pompom on top.

Dressing your kiddo to brave the cold winter (especially if they are used to warm weather) doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Make it fun for both of you by giving them options you can enjoy together.